April's Ancestry

This site is devoted to sharing the ancestry of April Kathleen Rowley Coleman.  It represents decades of
research and painstaking attention to detail.  Genealogy  is a labor of love that April has undertaken, spending
countless hours linking generations together and finding the stories of their lives. They were great people who
lived in interesting times.   

For centuries, genealogical  research was limited to a finite number of records that were very difficult to locate.  
Great expense and huge amounts of time were required to do even a small amount of work.  The internet has
allowed an explosion in the ability of genealogy  buffs to share information.  This site exists for this purpose: to
share the combined research of decades and aid others in their search for our common families.  We hope you
find the information useful.
Since 05-13-07
Rowley Ancestry
My Father's Rowley family includes  
Rowley and Jewell  as well as
Gadd & Haws ancestral  lines.
Lamoreaux Ancestry
My Mother's Lamoreaux family
 Lamoreaux,  Orrell,
Ogden, Masse, Mercereau
Losee ancestral lines.
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The History of My Family in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
A 90-page document containing stories and facts regarding my ancestors'
conversion to and experiences with the LDS Church
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Asay Ancestry
My Asay Family includes Asay,
Hendricks, Pedrick, and Stinson
ancestral lines:
Haws Ancestry
My Haws family includes Haws,  
Whitcomb, and Barrett as well as
other early English ancestral lines
who married into my Rowley family.
          Ancestors of April Coleman
                                  Surname List
Abbe,  Adams,  Ames,  Andrews,  Any,  Arey,  Arnold,  
ASAY,  Austin,  Babbs,  Barber,  Barents,  Baringham,  
BARRETT,  Barstow,  Beard,  Bennett,  Bester,  Bidlack,  Blanchard,  Blood,  Booth,  Borton,  Brockett,  Brower,  
Brown,  Burr,  Bush,  Butcher,  Buttrick,  Byam,  Campbell,  Chamberlane,  Chapman,  Clement,  Clinton,  
Colbourn,  Colburn,  Cowdery,  Crocket,  
CROCKETT, Crowell,  Cutler,  Daby,  Dana,  de LaTour, Denton,  
Dickinson,  Driver,  Dubois,  Emery,  Evans,  Filse,  For,  Fuller,  
GADD,  Gad,  Green,  Hains,  Hans,  HAWS,  
Hay ,
HENDRICKS , Heywood , Heywood, Heyward , Hill , Holden , Holman , Hooper , Hopkinson , Hulbert , Hyde,
Jewell , Johnson,  Jones,  Knight,  Koeck,  Lakin,  
LAMOREAUX,  Lamoureux,  L'Amoureux,  Latour,  Lewis,  
Losee,  Lowell,  Lucas,  Masse,  Matthews,  Mercereau,  Meurail, Molder,  Moore,  Moule,  Mowle,  Neal,  
Nelson,  Nichols,  Norton,  Nutting,  Ogden,  
Orrell,  Overells,  Parker,  Pearson,  Pedrick,  Pentlo,  Pentlow,  
Perry,  Pierce,  Pooll,  Proctor,  Ratford,  Ratforde,  Read,  Reed,  Rodgers,  Rogers,  
ROWLEY,  Sherwood,  
Smale,  Smith,  Smothers,  Snow,  Sparkes,  Spaulding,  Speakman,  Spofford,  Stinson,  Stutts,  Touchay,
Thurley,  Triplow,  Twining,  Wheeler,  Whitaker,  Whitcomb,  Wilson,  Woodward,  Young.
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Gadd Ancestry
My Gadd family includes
Gadd & Chapman
who married into my Rowley family
Crockett Ancestry
My Crockett family includes  
Crockett, Young & Reed  ancestral
lines who married into my
Lamoreaux family
Losee Ancestry
My Losee family was in New York
1700s and includes Losee, Koeck,
Denton, and Brush with links to the
families in Holland.
Barrett Ancestry
My Barrett family includes Barrett
& Colburn who married into my
Rowley family
Huguenot Research
A document list of French Huguenot
data from the 1500s into England,
Holland and New York that I found
while researching my people.
Lamoreaux links to
Andrew Losee Lamoreaux,
President of the French Mission
John & Deborah Lamoreaux Leithead
Nancy Miriam Orrell Lamoreaux
Hendricks Ancestry
My Hendricks family includes  
Hendricks, Pedrick, and
Stinson ancestral lines:
My Story of Exile
My people were forced out of France,
as well as several parts of England,
Colonial New York, Canada, several
states in the USA and then Mexico in
their quest for religious freedom.
This is a summary of my ancestors’
history in one story.  I also started
writing a play about these people.      
It’s called     “A Selected People.”
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Coleman Ancestry
My Children's Coleman ancestry
includes Coleman,  Averett,  
Eagles,  Hadfield,  
Simmons Ancestry
Simmons, Barker,  Allen & McGuire
Seven generations of women in my family
Sarah  -  Alice  -  Mabel  -  Buena  -  April  -  Veronica  -  Sophia    * created by Jodie