My Rowley ancestry, beginning with my father, Var Rowley and
goes through Jesse Noah Rowley & Martha Haws, John Rowley
& Mary Ann Gadd, and William Rowley & Ann Jewell.
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Var Haws Rowley married Buena Lamoreaux
This is my father and mother .
Jesse Noah Rowley & Martha Haws
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John Rowley & Mary Ann Gadd
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William Rowley & Ann Jewell
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William Rowley was born 1785 In England. He married first, Ann Taylor, 1807. She died. He
then married
Ann Jewell in 1836. They had 7 children. They belonged to a religious group
calling themselves, The United Brethren, 600 of whom were converted to The LDS Church by
Wilford Woodruff in 1840.
William died in England in 1848. Ann Jewell Rowley brought her
children to USA in 1856 and traveled to Utah in the Willie Handcart Company.

William and Ann Rowley's farm was named Mars Hill. This relates to the Mars Hill of ancient
times. Janice Severs, a descendant  of William and Ann visited Mars Hill and gathered the
pictures and information in this slide show.
John Rowley was born 1841, in England.  John married Mary Ann Gadd, in 1864.
They had 12 children. They moved to Mexico, where John died 1893.
Jesse Rowley was born 1874 In Nephi, Utah. He married Lucy Alvina Norton. They had eight
children. She died. Jesse married
Martha Haws, 1819, in Tucson. They had ten children.
Jesse & Martha
lived in Tucson moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1930
Jesse died 1966 in Mesa, Arizona.
My ancestors
My Rowley ancestors from
William Rowley to Var in a slide show.
Rowley Ancestry
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