Sarah Ann, Eliza, Abigail, Suzanne               A Song by April Coleman
With background and notes - Written to celebrate the
Pioneer Sesquicentennial Celebration of the LDS Church.

A Selected People                                      A Play by April Coleman
Subtitled: ”Home,” A Play
The Story of My Ancestors and Their Exiles for Freedom,
By Force and By Choice
[This is not finished. I find that in writing dialogue you also
assign personalities. My family didn't leave enough of their
own writing to be able to do this fairly.]
Persecution Through the Ages                         An Essay by April Coleman              
A 2-page summary of trials, including persecution, exile
and much more

Suzanne de la Tour Lamoreaux's Story          A Narrative by April Coleman
A narrative based on known facts from her life

Mabel Asay Lamoreaux                                        A Poem by April Coleman
A poem of reminiscences of my grandmother                                             

My Big Brother                                                      A Poem by April Coleman
Written to honor my big brother Ken Rowley for Father's Day


                                    A full-time detective
                                    A thorough historian
                                    An inveterate snoop
                                    A confirmed diplomat
                                    A keen observer
                                    A hardened skeptic
                                    An apt biographer
                                    A qualified linguist
                                    A part-time lawyer
                                    A studious sociologist
                                    An accurate reporter
                                    A hieroglyphics expert,
                                    AND . . .        
                                    A complete nut!