The Eighteenth Century Lamoureux Family of the Hudson Valley
by David Kendall Martin

A Wonderful Announcement

I am pleased to announce that
A new genealogy …

The Eighteenth Century
Lamoureux Family of the
Hudson Valley

by David Kendall Martin,
a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists,
published in 2008.  

We finally have a Lamoreaux Book.  
The last Lamoureux family book was a
pamphlet published in  1919 & 1939
by Andrew Jackson Lamoureux
and Harold Dane L’Amoureux.

The hardbound book of about 400 pages
traces this Huguenot family from its origins in France
and its exile in England to its refuge in America,
where it has spread throughout the various states
and Canada. On archival paper, the book is fully indexed
and illustrated with maps and signatures.

The focus of the work is
the first five or six generations
of the Lamoureux family which cover
the mid to late 17th century,
the 18th century, and
the early to mid 19th century.
In addition, many members of the
sixth and seventh generations will be covered.  

An exciting feature is
documentation of the birth of Andre Lamoureux,
sea captain and founder of the American family,
together with the identity of his parents, and his
Lamoreaux grandfather. Also
documentation of the birth of Suzanne De LaTour,
with the identity of her parents.

There will also be documentation of:
Andre's capture by privateers, legal pirates,
in the Caribbean, 1706, the family's participation on
both sides of the American Revolution including
Loyalist exile in Canada, participation  in  the
War  of  1812  and  the Civil War, and early involvement
with the heroic sufferings of the
founding of the
Church  of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints

The work presented in this book represents over 40 years
of research building on the pioneer files of
Andrew Jackson Lamoureux and Harold Dane L'Amoureux.
Anybody familiar with Lamoreaux research is familiar with
David Kendall Martin’s research and knows the quality
and detail that represented in this book.

  For details about purchasing email David Kendall Martin.