Mabel Asay Lamoreaux
Mabel Asay Lamoreaux Autobiography

Mabel was born 11 Nov 1887. Her family lived in Arizona.
She wrote her life history. She wrote poems and epics her
whole life. She started painting at about age 80. She left
many poems and pictures for her family to enjoy.
She died in 1984.

Ray Delos Lamoreaux & Mabel Asay  Slide Show
Ray & Mabel Slide Show in pdf format
Ray & Mabel Lamoreaux lived in Arizona. They had 12
children. Their children were Zara, Lela, Archie, Alice, Vera,
Laura, Raymond, Zelma, Buena, Max, Anna Lou and Sybil.
A PowerPoint presentation containing pictures of
Ray & Mabel and their children.  

Mabel Asay Lamoreaux Poem
Mabel Asay Poem - pdf format
A tribute to Grandma Lamoreaux by April. If you know
Grandma you will recognize her traits in this poem.
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New - Dec 2014
Sybil Lamoreaux Jesperson passed away & her
daughter Jenni Scott shared her pictures with us.
Here they are in a slideshow in a pdf format.

Sybil's Pictures
Mabel Asay Lamoreaux Autobiography with end added - pdf format