André Lamoreaux and Suzanne de la Tour
For 100 years Andre and Suzanne were our first known Lamoreaux ancestors.
They lived in Meschers, Saintonge, France before 1687. They fled with other Huguenots
to England and then to New York. Some of the family also went to Holland before coming
to America.
Andre & Suzanne and family were in New York by 1700.
Daniel Lamoreaux and Jeanne Massé
Daniel Lamoreaux is the only son of André and Suzanne Lamoreaux,
born in Briston, England in 1695.  He married
Jeanne Massé, daughter of
Pierre Massé and wife Elizabeth Mercereau, born in New York City, 1696.
Josué Lamoreaux & Elizabeth Ogden
Josue [Joshua] Lamoreaux was born 9 Jan 1739, in Colonial New York, son of
Daniel Lamoreaux and Jeanne Masse. His mother died soon after his birth.
Josue moved several times in his life, first along the Hudson River. Later, because of his
Loyalist sentiments he was exiled into Canada and traveled up the St John River and
settled in Parrtown and Gage, and finally, in Upper Canada, an area which is now Toronto.  
John McCord Lamoreaux & Abigail Ann Losse
John McCord Lamoreaux was born 19 July 1774 in New York , son of
Josue Lamoreaux & Elizabeth Ogden. After the American Revolutionary War
John and Abigail each traveled with their parents into exile in Canada. They
settled in Ontario. In 1836 they moved back into the USA to Ohio and then Illinois.
David Burlock Lamoreaux & Nancy Miriam Orrell
David Burlock Lamoreaux was born in Canada, traveled to Kirtland, Ohio
then to Nauvoo, Illinois. They then crossed the plains to Utah.
Nancy Miriam Orrell was born in England and came to Utah with her sister
where she met
David and they were married.
Archibald Orrell Lamoreaux & Lydia Lavera Crockett     
Archibald Orrell Lamoreaux and Lydia Lavera Crockett
were  married in Utah, 26 Dec 1878.
They, with their family, migrated to Arizona in the late 1800s.
Ray Delos Lamoreaux & Mabel Asay
Ray Lamoreaux  & Mabel Asay were married in 1905, in Arizona
Asay Ancestry page for information on Mabel.
Buena Lamoreaux also Ann Rowley and Dr Ann Paris
passed away 9 March 2011.
My mother, Buena aka, Ann, aka Nonnie
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Lamoreaux Ancestry
Daniel Lamoureux & Marie Touchay   
Daniel Delatour & Jeanne Meurail
Parents of André Lamoreaux and Suzanne de la Tour
New information on Andre Lamoreaux and Suzanne De LaTour !
We Found Andre Lamoureux and Suzanne LaTour’s Birth records.
We found the parents of
Andre and Suzanne in the
Registers of the French Reformed Church of Cozes,
Charente-Maritime Baptisms 1656 - 1668
Lamoreaux Early Maps
A Slide show of various maps of France to
England to New York to Canada


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The Lamoreaux Family was in
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followed many of the trails found
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