Joshua Lamoreaux & Elizabeth Ogden
John and Deborah Lamoreaux Leithead
Daughter of Joshua and Ann Cross Lamoreaux
who was son of Joshua and Elizabeth Lamoreaux

Short Sketch of John Leithead
Josue [Joshua Lamoreaux] was born 9 Jan 1739,
in Colonial New York,
son of
Daniel Lamoreaux and Jeanne Masse.
His mother died soon after his birth.
Josue moved several times in his life,
first along the Hudson River.
Later, because of his Loyalist sentiments
he was exiled into Canada and
traveled up the St John River and
settled in Parrtown and Gage, and finally,
in Upper Canada, an area which is now Toronto.  
Petitions relating to Joshua's
Loyalist claims in Canada
[soon to come]
Lamoreaux Early Maps
France to
England to
New York to
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Josue Lamoreaux
is listed a Muster Roll for the
French & Indian War
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"Joshua Lumerix"