John McCord Lamoreaux & Abigail Ann Losee
John McCord Lamoreaux was born 19 July 1774 in New York , son of
Josue Lamoreaux & Elizabeth Ogden. After the American Revolutionary
John and Abigail each went with their parents into exile in Canada.
They settled in Ontario. In 1836 they moved back into the USA to Ohio and
then Illinois.
The Lamoreaux family move back into The States

Parley P. Pratt brought the gospel of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
to Canada in 1836.

The names of our Lamoreaux people who joined the Saints
and left Canada for Ohio are:
John McCord and Abigail Losee Lamoreaux ,
their sons,
David Burlock Lamoreaux  and
Andrew Losee Lamoreaux, and
Henry Earl Lamoreaux;
daughter, Susan Lamoreaux and Jason (Jacinthe) Brunelle;  
John’s brother,
Joshua Lamoreaux and  wife Ann Cross;  
his daughter,
Deborah and her husband  John Leithead;
John’s sisters Jerusha and Henry Earl, and
Jemima and Archibald Wright.
Their father
Joshua Lamoreaux died in 1834.

Some of the families moved on with the Saints
Nauvoo and on further west to Utah .
Some of the families stayed and settled other
mid-western and eastern US states.
Andrew Losee Lamoreaux,
Son of John McCord and Abigail Losee Lamoreaux
his wife,
Isabelle Locy who died,
he married a widow,
Isabelle W Rogers in 1832
Andrew L is listed with a family of 7 in 1838
Andrew was called to be
President of the French Mission

Short History of Andrew Losee Lamoreaux

Andrew Lamoreaux
from LDS Biographical Encyclopedia
Lamoreaux Early Maps
France to
England to
New York to
Jacinthe [Jason] and Susan Lamoreaux Brunelle
Daughter of John McCord Lamoreaux
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John McCord Lamoreaux
died near Council Bluffs in
between 1 July & 2 Oct 1848
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John McCord Lamoreaux
is listed in Iowa on the
High Priest Rolls at Pottawatamie
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John McCord Lamoreaux
served in the war of 1812.
He created several petitions asking for land in
Scarborough, Canada.
One set includes petitions written in 1812, 1815 &
Petitions on the War of 1812 - part 1
Petitions on the War of 1812 - part 2
Other petitions had to do with renting lands and
requests for land for his father's service in the
American Revolution.
1816 Petition for Land by Isaac & John Lamoreaux
1828 John is witness to Isaac Lamoreaux Petition
Other Petitions to come soon
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