André Lamoreaux and Suzanne de laTour
Andre and Suzanne Lamoreaux  lived in Meschers,
Saintonge, France before 1687. They fled with other Huguenots
to England and then to New York. Some of the family also went
to Holland before coming to America.  

Andre and Suzanne were in New York by 1700.
Andre Lamoreaux and the Pirate Letter
“The Pirate Letter” - 4 May 1706
          Andre Lamoreaux was captured by pirates
eers] in the Dutch West Indies. He shipped himself
back to
NYC and from there was impressed to serve in the
British Navy.
By order of the Governor he was  released
from impressment in New York, in 1706.

This document  was referenced in “The Lamoreaux
Family In America,” edited by Harold Dane L’Amoureux in
1939, and contains the details of
Suzanne de la Tour Lamoreaux fled France with other
Huguenots before 1687. She bore children and buried babies
on three continents.
Based on facts I have found about her,
her life and where she went, t
his is a story I wrote of what  
he might have felt.
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Andre and Suzanne Lamoreaux
in France, England, and New York.  
Also included are references to Lamoreaux family members w
went to
Holland on their was to America.  
Many Huguenot references are included as well as details on things
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Our Lamoreaux line has been extended by
the discovery of the
birth and baptism records for  
Andre  Lamoreaux and
Suzanne delaTour
in Cozes, Saintonge, France in1663 &1666. pdf
Maps of France, where our
Lamoreaux people lived...
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