April Kathleen Rowley Coleman
was born in Tempe, Arizona to
Var Rowley and Buena Lamoreaux.  
She has one sister and four brothers.  
April is the proud mother of four children and
currently has 17 grandkids.

April became interested in genealogy at a very young
age when she used to "collect" stories from her
Grandma Lamoreaux (Mabel Asay Lamoreaux).  
As a 12 year old she took part in a pilot program at
church in which they studied family history every
Sunday in church.   But even before that class she was
very interested in her lineage.  In fact, she has a
pedigree that she filled out as a 5th grader.  When she
turned 16 she was happy that she could drive herself
to the Family History Center in Mesa.  
Up to that time she had to get all of her information
from older family members as her and her family visited
them. Now the internet has opened the way to so much
more information at our fingertips.

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